"Joelle's floral paintings are lush, large scale works of color, movement and emotion. Her objective is to create a signature piece of art that enhances the space it inhabits. Each painting is meant to be a focal point, a conversation pieceā€¦to complement the buyer's taste and decorating efforts with a unique sense of style and grace."



The moments that take my breath away:
floating in a tropical pool of salty effervescent water,
hiking new trails to the highest point of a mountain,
running a mountain trail strong and happy,
digging in fresh dark soil with the sun shining down,
exploring a new city filled with imposing architecture & museums,
amazing food and wine,
music played with great passion,
a warm hug from my love,
holding a new baby in my arms,
family dinners filled with laughter...


These are the breaths I take.


Standing behind my easel, my palette filled with rich color, music filling my heart and mind, I paint a painting and can only hope to convey my gratitude for all of life's gifts.